enel x global retail
Study and implementation of creative concepts for the global communication area
of Enel X Global Retail, managing multiple projects and respecting tight deadlines.
I have collected here various projects created for Comms Factories
(Brand, Advertising and Sponsorship, Global Internal Communication, B2B Communication,
B2C Communication, B2G Communication, Global Digital Media, Communications Italy,
Market Italy, Urban Asset Valorization).
Overall, over 300 projects were realized in a calendar year.
Below are some of the projects carried out,
respecting the rules set out in the Enel / Enel X identity manual.
global internal communication
complete management of creativity for global internal communication - Enel X Global Retail,
with a planned calendar for the creation of materials.

creative realization of various columns in the field of global internal communication,
in particular "The Insider", a weekly updates on news in the world of Enel X Global Retail,
with a totally interactive dedicated newsletter.
introduction of animated creativity with just a few frames,
to innovate static communication formats, increasing email opening rates.
creation of various internal communication DEM formats and columns,
with weekly or monthly programming
creation of some cards, shared within the company's internal
social network Viva Engage, on a weekly basis.
brand and advertising
creation of new icons based on business needs,
in line with the rules established by the Enel group's brand identity
new projects / work in progress
communication business to business (B2B)
Creation of newsletters headers and creativities for B2B targets on a monthly basis
Creation of exhibition materials, in line with the guidelines
of the Enel X brand (rollup, backdrop, cards, etc)
communication business to consumer (B2C)
Study and creation of newsletters for domestic target,
including Enel commercial offers and Enel X B2C products,
merging the visual identity of Enel with that of Enel X.
creation of a communication toolkit, including all the rules of logo, colours palette,
ATL, BTL and digital materials, to facilitate the integration between Enel and Enel X.
communication business to government (B2G)
Creation of digital materials to support the personal branding of the area manager
and the LinkedIn Enel X Global Retail editorial plan
creation of an animated header for Christmas wishes,
to be sent to the B2G customer base Enel X and Endesa X.
communications | italy
creation of infographics and materials for press releases, summarizing the contents
as much as possible with a simple and immediate creativity.
creation of digital covers for internal magazine / country Italy 
and subsequent newsletters for internal communication
to be continued...

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