enel energia
formidabile campaign
Support in the creation of storyboards of the commercial ADV for the Formidabile campaign.

retail communication / enel stores
formidabile campaign
Creation and adaptation of BTL materials for points of sale
for the launch of the Formidabile - Autumn 2023 campaign, supporting
Brand Activation | Market Italy and B2C Communications | Enel X teams.
teaser key visual
window decals and shape of the Enel technician
personalized sweatshirts for Enel store staff, which match the color of the technician's uniform
(Pantone 293 C) that appears in the autumn TV commercial of the Formidabile campaign
shapes of products for shop fittings
and technicians in a reduced size for desks
digital communication
formidabile campaign

creation of banner campaign adaptations for the Formidabile Fibra Campaign,
supporting Communications Planning | Market Italy team.
Missione Convenienza campaign
study and creation of key visuals for "Missione Convenienza" campaign
and subsequent multi-format declination for BTL and digital materials
2022 best wishes - digital campaign
storyboard and creative creation of the 2022 end-of-year greetings video,
linked in a DEM for the Enel Energia customer base

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