photobook for european master 
of fine art photography
Futuresque is the future as a re-interpretation of something that already exists, but seen
in a different or updated way. The world does not have a clear present or past, 
and so the future acts, which appears as a repetition of what we already know.

Thus in philosophy, Friederich Nietzsche speaks of this concept as of the Eternal Return 
in which there is a circular vision of time: there is a beginning of time and an end,
 which in turn generates a beginning.

To transmit this concept we have used a ladder, because it goes up and down, 
always returning that concept of the eternal return.

That is why we have represented the entire structure / format of the brochure 
in the form of a ladder with a double spiral bound, where there is a beginning 
that marks the beginning, but the end of it can also mark a new beginning, 
emphasizing the concept of Eternal Return.
All photos appearing in the project are the property of their respective owners.
IED Istituto Europeo di Design
Máster en Diseño Editorial: medios impresos y digitales, Madrid, 2020

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